October 2014 Chart

Eddie Bitz is a producer from Russia who has been doing very well, and this month his track Echoes on Intricate Records was my favourite. The melody is so uplifting, yet with the vocal the track has a really bittersweet feel to it. It’s just beautiful.
A Part of Myself by Ezequiel Anile is the complete package. It has an addictive groove with perfect percussion and track progression, as well as a luscious breakdown. It’s out on the excellent Polish label Soundteller Records.
Supernova is a very dark ride from the outset, from Argentinian DJ and producer Cristian R. This one’s a bit of a monster!
Monojoke‘s take on Unique Girl by Robert R. Hardy is yet another massive remix from the well established Polish progressive powerhouse.
Aussie Luke Porter has turned out another great remix, of the atmospheric Osmosis by Argentinian duo FunkState.
Real life partners Amber Long & Robert Mason have put together a tune called Run Away, with Amber‘s bewitching vocals really making this one something special. It’s on Paul Hazendonk’s label MNL.
East Cafe has really come into his own recently in my opinion, and his original, entitled Peaks & Lows, is a great example of his experience in the genre. Huge sweeping bass and gorgeous melodies are on show here and really capture the feeling of flying over mountain tops and valleys.
Clear Mind is an unusual one, but I was enthralled from the very beginning. You’d be mistaken for thinking it was breaks at first, as Russian producer zweitausendeins Traum has taken a lot of liberties with the percussion. Definitely an interesting track, on the wonderful Clinique Recordings. Check out the remixes too.
I am seriously impressed by what is being released on Progressive House Worldwide, and Quiet Run by young German talent Soundslogic is no exception. Amazing stuff!
Balkan Connection South America have always got something different to entice me, and another pair of musicians from the hotbed of underground progressive house in Argentina have made my last track for this month’s chart. It’s called Chromachords and it’s by Soulkeys.

…and I’m broken inside…
…and I can’t release my mind…

01. Eddie Bitz – Echoes [Intricate Records]
02. Ezequiel Anile – A Part of Myself [Soundteller Records]
03. Cristian R – Supernova [Golden Wings Music]
04. Robert R. Hardy – Unique Girl (Monojoke Remix) [PHW Elements]
05. FunkState – Osmosis (Luke Porter Remix) [Temporum Music]
06. Amber Long & Robert Mason – Run Away [MNL]
07. East Cafe – Peaks & Lows [Proton]
08. zweitausendeins Traum – Clear Mind [Clinique Recordings]
09. Soundslogic – Quiet Run [Progressive House Worldwide]
10. Soulkeys – Chromachords [Balkan Connection South America]

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Also have a listen to these fantastic albums:

Da Funk (Various Artists) – Silk Textures 03 [Silk Textures (Silk Music)]
Dan Sieg – A Sense Of Wonder [Silk Music]
Evave (Various Artists) – Intricate Records Featured Artist [Intricate Records]
Janno Kekkonen – Deepest Trip [BQ Recordings]
Max Cue – Mindfulness [Manual Music]
Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic (Various Artists) – Mistique Polarities [Suffused Music]
Mo’Funk – Connect The Thoughts [Majestic Family Records]
Phonic Scoupe – Seven Sins: Deluxe Edition [Stripped Recordings]
Sezer Uysal – 1 Body 2 Souls [Manual Music]

Clearly I have fallen behind a great deal with my charts, nearly a whole year. But I’ll do my best to catch up and we’ll see what happens.