November 2014 Chart

This month’s chart begins with my absolute favourite from Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z‘s album Time, on Guy J’s label Lost & Found. Our Foggy Trips is exemplary progressive house, a true classic that will last forever. What a special album.
Next up is a gorgeous production from the legendary Derek Howell. His track, One Way, sounds like it should be the theme song to a South American buddy cop show from the 80s. It’s out on Proton Music and is definitely a keeper.
Russian DJ and producer Spacebeat has released an epic remix of a track called Alamo, by Brazilian musician Luciano Scheffer. I have another brilliant remix of a Luciano Scheffer tune featured this month as well.
Israel’s Khen has an outstanding EP out on Hernan Cattaneo’s Sudbeat Music, and the title track is the one I want. It’s called Sweet Break Up and it’s a great warm up tune that rolls along nicely.
Nicolas Petracca makes his second appearance in my charts with his remix of Amapola, by fellow Argentinians Julian Rodriguez & Guido Elordi. It’s a stunningly beautiful piece of music that I’m sure you will enjoy.
More Russians are featured this month with the duo known as Techtower. Their track Okinawa on OLD SQL Recordings captures a lush, oriental atmosphere that will leave you in a state of aural bliss, as it has me.
Alex Vidal‘s entry into my charts is a stellar remix of colossal proportions. A Collapsar is a collapsed star, by the way. It’s on zweitausendeins Traum’s label BQ Recordings.
True champions of progressive house, Napalm & D-Phrag, have remixed the other production by Luciano Scheffer that I mentioned, a song called Signal. The pair’s experience shines through in this really solid remix, which pushes all the right buttons for fans of this genre.
Polish pair Cream & Deep Fog are also featured here for the first time, with a remix of Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Melancholia), by their fellow countryman Andromedha. This is a really dark journey which I found immensely pleasurable.
Finally, I have a track by Ivan Vega, called Dreams. Step into the layers of sound on offer and look around as you wander into its hauntingly beautiful melody. There will be time to find your bearings.

01. Guy Mantzur & Sahar Z – Our Foggy Trips [Lost & Found]
02. Derek Howell – One Way [Proton Music]
03. Luciano Scheffer – Alamo (Spacebeat Remix) [BC2]
04. Khen – Sweet Break Up [Sudbeat Music]
05. Julian Rodriguez & Guido Elordi – Amapola (Nicolas Petracca Remix) [PHW Elements]
06. Techtower – Okinawa [OLD SQL Recordings]
07. Alex Van Deep – Collapsar (Alex Vidal Remix)
08. Luciano Scheffer – Signal (Napalm & D-Phrag Remix) [Massive Harmony Records]
09. Andromedha – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow (Melancholia) (Cream & Deep Fog Remix) [Electronic Tree]
10. Ivan Vega – Dreams [Stellar Fountain]

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I found some great mix albums this month too:

Alexey Vincent – Artist Choice 15 [Round Triangle AC]
Ronfoller – Artist Choice 027 [Spring Tube AC]
Royal Sapien – Visceral 021 [Visceral]
Shoreliners – Tokyo Bay Cruise 01 [Silk Digital Records (Silk Music)]
Slang – Spring Tube 5th Anniversary Compilation (Part 1) [Spring Tube]
Storyteller – Spring Tube 5th Anniversary Compilation (Part 2) [Spring Tube]
Stephen J. Kroos – Spring Tube 5th Anniversary Compilation (Part 3) [Spring Tube]
zweitausendeins Traum – Clinique Mixed II [Clinique Recordings]

I am very behind with my charts. I’ve been formally studying website development full time and that is coming to and end for the year in September, then I plan to spend the rest of the year working on my musical endeavours, among other things. So I’ll see how I go with the chart situation. Each month that I do one I listen to practically everything released that month by more than 150 labels. It is time consuming but I love this genre and I want to hear everything.

I haven’t touched my decks in about a year, and not seriously since way back in 2010 when I recorded underearth.001-003, which is something else that will be changing in the next few months. I’m really looking forward to getting into mixing again and recording some new sets, albeit with older tracks for now. When I get around to recording it, underearth.004 will feature some of the best progressive house from 2014. I will have something else in store as well before moving on to new tunes from 2015 and beyond.