July 2014 Chart

I’m happy to say that July was yet another huge month for the progressive sound!
In the top spot is a gorgeous piece of music by Estonian producer Janno Kekkonen, on the excellent Clinique Recordings.
LoQuai’s beautiful and haunting remix of Platunoff’s production You Don’t Know is up next, followed by Aussie Matter’s remix of Somber on Stellar Fountain.
July also heralds the return of the legendary Yunus Guvenen to the progressive house scene, with a remix by Guy J on his own Lost & Found label, while Ewan Rill gives us another excellent dance floor number with his popular remix of Synaptic Transfer.

01. Janno Kekkonen – Deep Blue Plant
02. Platunoff – You Don’t Know (LoQuai Remix)
03. D.X.Xavier – Somber (Matter Remix)
04. Yunus – Meeting Molly (Guy J Remix)
05. Silicon Syndicate – Synaptic Transfer (Ewan Rill)
06. Oscar Vazquez – My Way (Sonic Union Remix)
07. Lonya & Alley Cat – Bedtime Stories
08. Ewan Rill & Anton Ttx – Reason To Live (Magnetic Brothers Dream Mix)
09. Kaban – The Future Is Here (Monojoke Remix)
10. Nevee – So Intentional

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