May 2014 Chart

Alejandro Arroyo is back in full force and has taken the top spot this month with Reuniverse. Another fine showing from the young talent.
Also on CHANGE AUDIO this month are the remixes of Jamie Stevens’ techno monster Foreign Utopia. The Sonic Union remix really does it for me with that deadly groove.
My favourite producer from last year, Gai Barone, has a new progressive house track out called Cartaria, and Relaunch has an epic take on this one that I couldn’t ignore.
Irishman Lateral Cut Groove has appeared in my charts before and this time he has outdone even Monojoke in the percussion department with his massive remix of Monojoke’s Begone.
Old progressive stalwarts Napalm & d-phrag released a track called Substance, which has some serious dancefloor potential. I was tempted to include Australian producer Matter’s quality remix but couldn’t go past the original.

01. Alejandro Arroyo – Reuniverse
02. Jamie Stevens – Foreign Utopia (Sonic Union Remix)
03. Gai Barone – Cartaria (Relaunch Early Morning Remix)
04. Monojoke – Begone (Lateral Cut Groove Remix)
05. Napalm & d-phrag – Substance
06. Arjuna Schiks – Complete (Jamie Stevens Remix)
07. Cut Knob – Bandolero
08. Naz – Failed Rehabilitation (Oscar Holgado Remix)
09. Deriwer – Lhasa (Tommi Oskari Remix)
10. deepAlexander & Kofke Milano – Vento Norte

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April 2014 Chart

Another month and another round of amazing progressive music.
Guy J has released two beautiful original productions on his Lost & Found label, both taking the top spots. I’m looking forward to hearing him play here in Brisbane in June.
Stas Drive is a producer who has really got my attention lately, I loved his hypnotic remix of Micro Diamond by Marcelo Vasami. One Love has some quality percussion and an epic breakdown that will send shivers down your spine.
Speaking of epic, Monojoke makes a triumphant return to my charts with Espada. Newcomers Phonic Scoupe have also got some huge sounds with Sand, the trio’s latest on Stripped Recordings.

01. Guy J – Dizzy Moments
02. Guy J – Diaspora
03. Stas Drive – One Love
04. Monojoke – Espada
05. Phonice Scoupe – Sand
06. Tvardovsky – Colours (Beat Maniacs Remix)
07. Lessov – Eurypharynx
08. Derek Howell – When The House Sleeps
09. Following Light – Raison D’etre
10. Alejandro Arroyo – Fluence

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Bonus free song: Paul Kalkbrenner – Fochleise-Kassette (Santi Mossman & Rodrigo Mateo Remix)

March 2014 Chart

Once again an Argentinian has created my number one track this month – Natural by Diego Azocar. I am really digging that sound at the moment.
In second place is the first original production by Alejandro Arroyo. Kudos to CHANGE AUDIO for discovering such a fine talent, I am definitely looking forward to hearing more from him!
Michael A & Dmitry Molosh have released a wicked dance floor destroyer and Juan Deminicis’ remix has an old school progressive vibe with a massive bassline.

01. Diego Azocar – Natural
02. Alejandro Arroyo – Open Cycle
03. Michael A & Dmitry Molosh – Resolutions
04. Funk D’Void – Lambo (Juan Deminicis Remix)
05. Rich Curtis – Latitude End
06. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Altair (Guy J Remix)
07. Anthony Yarranton – Bag of Bells (Lateral Cut Groove Remix)
08. Gunther & Elias Merheb (Stamina) – Gone to House (Cid Inc. Remix)
09. Moshic – Do It To Me Now (Gai Barone On A Train Remix)
10. Michael & Levan and Stiven Rivic – The Puppet Master (Kastis Torrau & Arnas D Remix)

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February 2014 Chart

This month brings with it some fantastic Balearic and South American sounds, beginning with Holograms Life, by Argentinian Mario Puccio. Ewan Rill has followed his track Core with another stellar original and Kasper Koman has made a tune with a killer groove.
Special mention goes to CHANGE AUDIO, a label that has been releasing productions of the highest quality and has two entries featured.

01. Mario Puccio – Holograms Life
02. Ewan Rill – Andromeda
03. Kasper Koman – All Ein
04. OMB – Ancient Sky (Lautaro Varela Remix)
05. Rich Curtis – Freeloader
06. D.M.P – Colorful Past (Alex M.I.F. Remix)
07. Igor Zaharov & Sober System – Guana (Feri Remix)
08. Navid Mehr – Cuma
09. Andrew Benson – I Will Be (Derek Howell Remix)
10. Dale Middleton – So Much More

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January 2014 Chart

2014 is looking like a very good year for music indeed. Once again Gai Barone has topped the chart with two outstanding remixes. Old favourite Sunn Jellie has partnered with Sebastian Weikum to make something truly stunning, while Christian Smith and Wehbba have put out yet more quality techno.

01. Corderoy – Kerosene (Gai Barone Remix)
02. Trilucid & Philthy Chit – Syntax (Gai Barone Remix)
03. Sunn Jellie vs Sebastian Weikum – Gimme A Star (Intricate Mix)
04. Christian Smith and Wehbba – Third Floor
05. AMbassador – The Fade (Guy J Remix)
06. Betoko – Dance On My Feet
07. Deas – In The Car
08. Nature Sun – Cosmic Trip
09. Mindaugas Jak – Persona
10. Stephen J. Kroos – Codd (Tvardovsky Remix)

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