September 2014 Chart

Matter is an Australian producer and DJ who made some top notch tunes in 2014. His track Spore has been released on the premium Aussie label FutureForm Music and is very atmospheric. Love it!
Mocca Sunset has a great tribal feel with a melody that you will enjoy having stuck in your head. Simos Tagias has been at the top of my list of ones to watch recently, and his Counting the Days is a dark and driving piece of music that will really get you moving. It’s just so damn groovy.
Crossroads is another beautiful tune from the now legendary Andre Sobota. He’s used some distorted sounds to great effect and the lead is to die for. Monojoke’s remix of Eternal Sky features the hypnotic ambience and percussion he is well known for, with a subtle vocal that complements the song well. This one is a really solid production.
Jelly for the Babies worked up a lovely version of 3 Bridges, by Greek producer Josel. This is one of two tracks from Suffused Music that I’ve featured this month. It’s a great label and you can listen to their whole catalogue in full on YouTube.
Disclosure is a stunning, ambient soundscape and a bit of a departure from the dance floor fare. So is Qoob’s remix of Via Lactea. It sounds like something straight out of the Metroid Prime soundtrack, a Nintendo game I’m very fond of.
F-Act has put together a gorgeous piece with his take on Another Evolution, also on Suffused Music.
As the name suggests, Fusion Field could be mistaken for industrial techno until you hear the melody and that bass line come in. Irishman Cristior has done a really good job on this original and it’s a nice way to finish my top 10 for September.

01. Matter – Spore [FutureForm Music]
02. Mike Griego & Stas Drive – Mocca Sunset [Flow Vinyl]
03. Simos Tagias – Counting the Days [Massive Harmony Records]
04. Andre Sobota – Crossroads [Mesmeric]
05. Pavlin Petrov & Graham Lloris feat. Miwa – Eternal Sky (Monojoke Remix) [Never Too Late]
06. Josel – 3 Bridges (Jelly for the Babies Remix) [Suffused Music]
07. Hugo Ibarra & Uvo – Disclosure [E Sound Records]
08. Tech D – Via Lactea (Qoob Remix) [Magic Room]
09. Platunoff – Another Evolution (F-Act Remix) [Suffused Music]
10. Cristior – Fusion Field [Lowbit]

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These albums from September are also worth checking out:

Audio Noir – Almost Famous [Bonzai Progressive]
Experimental Feelings – Unspoken Words [Mystic Carousel Records]
Roald Velden – Last Flight Home [Portrait Digital]

As you can see, after much delay I decided not to go with the seasonal chart. It was impractical due to how much music I add to my Beatport cart and I also realised I did not feel good about charting less music!
I’ll try to catch up with my monthly charts as quickly as I can. Rest assured there will be many brilliant tunes featured.

August 2014 Chart

The Italian progressive genius, Gai Barone, is in fine form this month with an original in the top spot and his remix of Vanilla a close second.
Involved, by Andre Sobota, is a piece that will evoke some deep feelings. What a wonderfully beautiful production.
Phonic Scoupe are bringing back the vocal, dance floor progressive sound with their remix of Spell and Dar & Dor will take you on an epic journey with BluePop.

01. Gai Barone – Chasing Karol
02. Phi Phi & Airwave – Vanilla (Gai Barone Remix)
03. Andre Sobota – Involved
04. Soulhoppers – Spell (Phonic Scoupe Remix)
05. Dar & Dor – BluePop
06. AudioStorm – Cosmic Interference (Ewan Rill Remix)
07. Psychowsky – Heartbeat (Scott Williams ‘Lovers’ Remix)
08. Kaban & White Resonance – Messier
09. Soulwerk – The Lost Paradise (Kastis Torrau & Donatello Remix)
10. AudioStorm – Island

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This will be my last monthly chart. From now on I will post a seasonal chart every three months.

July 2014 Chart

I’m happy to say that July was yet another huge month for the progressive sound!
In the top spot is a gorgeous piece of music by Estonian producer Janno Kekkonen, on the excellent Clinique Recordings.
LoQuai’s beautiful and haunting remix of Platunoff’s production You Don’t Know is up next, followed by Aussie Matter’s remix of Somber on Stellar Fountain.
July also heralds the return of the legendary Yunus Guvenen to the progressive house scene, with a remix by Guy J on his own Lost & Found label, while Ewan Rill gives us another excellent dance floor number with his popular remix of Synaptic Transfer.

01. Janno Kekkonen – Deep Blue Plant
02. Platunoff – You Don’t Know (LoQuai Remix)
03. D.X.Xavier – Somber (Matter Remix)
04. Yunus – Meeting Molly (Guy J Remix)
05. Silicon Syndicate – Synaptic Transfer (Ewan Rill)
06. Oscar Vazquez – My Way (Sonic Union Remix)
07. Lonya & Alley Cat – Bedtime Stories
08. Ewan Rill & Anton Ttx – Reason To Live (Magnetic Brothers Dream Mix)
09. Kaban – The Future Is Here (Monojoke Remix)
10. Nevee – So Intentional

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June 2014 Chart

Better late than never, here are my top 10 tracks for June. It sure was tough narrowing them down this time.
Kastis Torrau has been on the warpath lately and with Arnas D he has made a bass heavy original track that will destroy dance floors. Yet another excellent release on Sound Avenue.
Andre Sobota has produced a haunting and surreal remix of Darin Epsilon’s All That Could Have Been, really making the most of the stunning vocals.
Ewan Rill is guaranteed to get you moving with his remix of It’s Time To Go, while Dale Middleton’s remix of Hurt on Clinique is the perfect soundtrack for the early hours of the morning.
Last but not least, Juan Deminicis provides us with another excellent dance floor track on Guy J’s label Lost & Found. The whole record is brilliant, so check it out.

01. Kastis Torrau & Arnas D – Eye
02. Darin Epsilon – All That Could’ve Been feat. Ghost WARS (Andre Sobota Remix)
03. Da Luka – It’s Time To Go (Ewan Rill Remix)
04. East Cafe – Hurt (Dale Middleton Remix)
05. Juan Deminicis – Feel
06. Nicolas Petracca – Echoes From Outer Space
07. Platunoff – Open Your Eyes (Simos Tagias Remix)
08. Diego Azocar – Coming Back To Life
09. Nikolay Mikryukov – Forgotten Space (Dmitry Molosh Remix)
10. David Podhel – Dancing In The Dark

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May 2014 Chart

Alejandro Arroyo is back in full force and has taken the top spot this month with Reuniverse. Another fine showing from the young talent.
Also on CHANGE AUDIO this month are the remixes of Jamie Stevens’ techno monster Foreign Utopia. The Sonic Union remix really does it for me with that deadly groove.
My favourite producer from last year, Gai Barone, has a new progressive house track out called Cartaria, and Relaunch has an epic take on this one that I couldn’t ignore.
Irishman Lateral Cut Groove has appeared in my charts before and this time he has outdone even Monojoke in the percussion department with his massive remix of Monojoke’s Begone.
Old progressive stalwarts Napalm & d-phrag released a track called Substance, which has some serious dance floor potential. I was tempted to include Australian producer Matter’s quality remix but couldn’t go past the original.

01. Alejandro Arroyo – Reuniverse
02. Jamie Stevens – Foreign Utopia (Sonic Union Remix)
03. Gai Barone – Cartaria (Relaunch Early Morning Remix)
04. Monojoke – Begone (Lateral Cut Groove Remix)
05. Napalm & d-phrag – Substance
06. Arjuna Schiks – Complete (Jamie Stevens Remix)
07. Cut Knob – Bandolero
08. Naz – Failed Rehabilitation (Oscar Holgado Remix)
09. Deriwer – Lhasa (Tommi Oskari Remix)
10. deepAlexander & Kofke Milano – Vento Norte

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